Istran Tris

Istrian Tris is the combination of three most famous Istrian spirits: Teranino, Biska and Honey Brandy.


Honey Brandy is one of the most common brandy types in Croatia.This particular kind of honey brandy provides nice moderately sweet taste to enjoy and at the same time strength to keep you warm from inside.


Biska is mistletoe brandy and also one of the traditional strong spirits from Istria. Made from mistletoe leaves, mistletoe flowers, grapa and herbs according to the ancient recipe dating from Celtic times.


Teranino is authentic Istrian liqueur made of Istrian sort of red wine – Teran with addition of just right amount of cherries, blueberries and spices. It’s sweet full and rich taste stays remembered well.


Available in bottles 3x2oo ml

3x0.2l 195,00 kn