Honey liqueur

Honey liqueur is traditional and one of the most common spirits traditionally made in Croatia. In Croatia any honey liqueur or brandy is called “Medica”. Every part of country has it’s own recipe and flavors to blend in. This one comes from meadow flowers honey from the northern Croatian coast from the small village where the mountains and forests meet the sea. Handmade with selection of best and only natural ingredients and honey. This special combination of honey brandy, flower honey and propolis brings the good mood and opens an appetite. The actual recipe is a secret. The base for this liqueur is brandy distilled from honey so it represents very rare type and premium quality honey based spirit. Special and noble drink for special moments. It has moderately sweet honey taste that will provide unforgettable pleasure in the mouth. Those who like honey, but spirits not to sweet will love it.

This liqueur comes in exclusive pyramid shaped bottles.

Available in bottles 0.2l

Please see pictures for reference.

0.2l 62,00 kn