Brachia Aromatized Olive Oil pack

For the whole past decade olive oils from the highest Croatian island have acquired the utmost acknowledgment. Over the past years it has became almost an imperative. The most innovative olive manufactures have been installed on the island of Brac and the olive groves are being taken care of as never before.

 The mission of the Brachia oil is very straightforward: to represent to Croatia and to the world a sort of oil highly appreciated by the local people of the island of Brac over the past decades. The oil is produced out of an authentic olive kind called oblica grown in the olive groves, insensitive to the strong and cold wind regarded as bura, as well as to the summer heath. Olive experts speculate over the posture of the Brachia oil while those who have never enjoyed the supremacy of olive oil, would be astonished by its complex essence.

In this pack You can find six flavored olive oils ideal for salads and finish touch to the meal. Flavors are: chili, basil, mint, lemon, rosemary and garlic.

Available in sizes: 7×0.03l

7x0.03l 94,00 kn